What the Heck is in My Makeup Bag, Anyway?

I must admit that when I started this new blog, I didn’t necessarily have a plethora of blog post ideas as much as I have more of a general idea of topics that I want to discuss. I definitely knew from the outset that I wanted to share some of the strange and funny things that randomly happen in my life, and I also would like to share those product reviews, selfies and lifestyle topics that I discussed in my first post on this blog. But, One of the things that I really want to begin to do, more than anything else, is post something at least three times per week with some consistency.

Of course, since I am simplifying my life, product reviews may be few and far between, and while funny and strange things do happen, my average day is typically filled with working on my computer at the coffee shop and then coming home and being incredibly domestic. Not much excitement happens when you’re cooking chicken or making toilet bombs. Just sayin’.

Soooo….I found this Blog post challenge with prompts, ideas and everything. I found it on Pinterest, I hope I pinned it, otherwise, I won’t be able to tell you where I found it. I’ll look for it when I finish typing this and annotate it at it the end of this post…if I pinned it….and if I find the pin.

Anyway, the prompt for yesterday (I can’t even keep up with the days) is, “What’s in your makeup bag?” Cool prompt! I really liked that one and decided to do it today. I could have done today’s prompt, but I didn’t like it. And when you don’t like something, you shouldn’t ever feel obligated to spend any time doing it. Simple Glamour Rule #1. If it doesn’t bring you joy, keep it moving.

Today’s prompt is, “My Town.” I have nothing at all positive to say about my town, so I decided to stick to yesterday’s prompt instead. It really doesn’t much matter, since I didn’t do days 1-10 anyway. Let’s just say that if this challenge really mattered, I lost 11 days ago. But, because I  actually have something vaguely interesting to talk about on this post today and I am actually posting, I win!!!! Yaaaaay! And yeah, I know that it is Friday and so unless I post tomorrow and Sunday, I will not have met my 3 post a week goal. But, you have to kind of give me a pass this week…and maybe next week too, since the Olympics are in full swing and I am an absolute Olympics junkie to the point of being obnoxious. Seriously!!!

Picture me leaving the Family Reunion Meet and Greet this past weekend, to go up into my hotel room and watch the Opening Ceremony. Yes it is that serious. Not even the promise of high end tequila could deter me. And yes I love high end Tequila. You’ll learn that about me soon. I can’t give away all of my secrets so early in our relationship. So…back to the topic at hand.

I would have written a post this week telling you about my Olympics love, but I was finding away to watch it live without having to get cable again. I am a cord cutter…man so much to share.

I guess you’re going to have to keep on coming back, if you want to know what any of this means.

In the meantime though…

What’s in my makeup bag?

If you’re still even remotely interested, check out the photo and list below.

Okay then…here goes:


So basically I have lip products and perfume. O_O

7 Lipstick-like products – NYX, Bite Beauty, Lime Crime

2 Lip treatments – Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm and Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Balm in Black Honey

2 Lip Pencils – Mac Chestnut and Nars Bahamian

4 Rollerball perfumes, YSL Black Opium, Maison Margiela’s Replica Perfume in Beach Walk, Fresh Sugar Lychee, and The Blend Pure Frangrance Oil  Roller Ball in Amber Vanilla

1 Becca Skin Perfector and 1 NYX Kohl Eyeliner.



If you would like to know anything about any of these products, let me know down in the comments.

Until the next prompt…or post….or whatever,

Kisses from the Mrs.


Mrs. K


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  1. FrugalMissKris

    Hi! 🙂 What Becca Skin Perfecter do you use? I love my Becca highlighter (pressed) in Opal. It’s my holy grail, can’t go a day with out it highlight.


    1. I actually use the Opal as well. But I mistakenly posted that it was the Becca Skin Perfector in my bag, when it is actually the Becca Mineral Pressed Powder. I do love the Opal, though. Thanks for commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

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