Brunch, Braids, and Tequila Jell-O Shots

Ahh…this past weekend was quite a lively one, filled with…ahem…tequila, good food and friends. This weekend we celebrated my daughter’s 23rd birthday, went to a new place for brunch, and I experimented with a new braided hairstyle.

The weekend started early on Thursday,

Homemade Lemonade Margarita

with a lovely homemade lemonade margarita that the the little girl made to toast her bday. They are very refreshing, especially if you add a sugar rim.

The little girl on her birthday, she’s actually 23.








So about the braids, I decided that this Summer, I  was going to rock the trendy braided styles that are quite hot right now.

FullSizeRender-1You know, the cornrow, boxer, Dutch, French, milkmaid, box braided looks that are everywhere? I call them all of the names because every culture has braids and they all call them something different.

…and that’s perfectly fine because chances are, if you come from a culture with hair…I mean…someone down the line probably braided it…I’m just sayin…


*yes this is a hidden piece of social commentary right smack in the middle of my blog post. this happens from time to time. you gotta be quick, though or you’ll miss it.*

I know you’re thinking, okay, you braided your hair, great! Now get back to the tequila already.

I am, I am!!

But I had to talk about the braids because I have been looking for a protective style for my naturally curly 3C-4A hair that didn’t require me to completely cover my hair with another person’s hair, or didn’t take hours to install, and more hours to undo.

Summer humidity is so disrespectful, and although most naturals with my texture/type/whatever swear by the old faithful wash and go during these unbearably hot months, my hair, which is extremely fine, shrinks into a frizzy afro, which is amazing from a #blackgirlsrock perspective, but sucks if it ages your particular face ten years.


I have no problem with being/looking Black. But I’ll be damned if I walk around here looking old, especially since I am married to Benjamin Button.

Insert Sweet Brown’s voice here _______.


So I have been rocking my braids in a goddess style with added hair for a little over a week and I am hooked. I have done the goddess braids on my curly hair, but never on previously straightened hair with extensions and never more than a day or two. But this Summer, it has become my signature look. The black braiding hair, coupled with my own violet hair, (the violet cancels out the gray very nicely…another blog post, I promise) makes for a very interesting, chic and unique look.

And it actually makes me look younger. Cue those angels, baby!!

So, how about that tequila?

Tequila is our drunk of choice. Drunk was supposed to be drink, obviously, but hey, even my keyboard knows the deal. Why fight reality?

But yes, we like tequila…a lot. My family does more than I do, but I do imbibe.

So anyway, the little girl found a recipe for homemade Jell-O Shots in orange slices, which she made for her birthday mixer.

I am not normally a Jell-O shot fan. I love jello, but most shots are made with cherry or strawberry jello and vodka. Okay, maybe its just me, but isn’t that the recipe for cough syrup? I’m guessing its close…and yuck!


if you make them using grape jello and, you guessed it, Tequila, now you have a tiny little tasty treat on your hands; not too sweet, yet not mouthwash-y either. The perfect sugar to alcohol ratio.FullSizeRender-4

Add the super easy extra step of putting the mixture into halved oranges, slice into bite sized wedges when it all sets, and now you have boozy little gourmet masterpieces that not only taste yummy, but are an aesthetic pleasure as well. The “oohs and aahs”will have you feeling like a regular Martha, honey!! Trust me, its a good thing.

The tequila theme didn’t end there. We had a brunch on Saturday at Summerhouse Santa Monica, not in Santa Monica, but here in Maryland where I live (that throws people off). I am actually from Los Angeles, though, so I have been wanting to go to this restaurant for a while. I love the whole chic, Santa Monica, laid back outdoorsy, striped awning and heat lamp vibe.

I had a Bloody Maria, which is just a Bloody Mary with Bour…just kidding…tequila,of course.IMG_9697

I also had the Acapulco Omelette which had way more jalapenos than should be legally allowed, but was still really yummy. AND, the highlight,  I ate half of the Dude’s (that’s what I call my hubby on blogs) gluten-free pancakes. I will be going back for the pancakes, if for nothing else, because they were epic.Image-1

Being gluten free, I haven’t had a really great pancake in nearly a year. These were perfect. Not grainy, not heavy, and the edges had that perfect crunch. I didn’t even need a ton of syrup because these pancakes, unlike regular ones, didn’t soak everything up, instead you got a nice little syrup burst with every bite. Yes I recommend Summerhouse Santa Monica. It is not just a great, chic atmosphere but the food is good and it is located in the up and coming Pike an Rose area of North Bethesda, across the street from the iPic theater. Its just one of those “beautiful people” places…whatever that is. Trust me, just do it!!!

We ended the week, with the Olympic Closing Ceremony and you guessed it, tasting a new Tequila. Am I the only one who can’t wait for 2020? Japan rocked that Closing Ceremony. I love Japan, I love the Olympics, I wanna go. I’ll volunteer. Call me, Olympics people!!!!

So that’s it.

Oh wait, the new Tequila is Altos Reposado, we usually drink Casamigos, or Cabo Wabo, but we wanted to try something different…and cheap. Altos is good, it is all caramel-y and vanilla-y but it warms you up, like scotch. Not sure how I feel about the warm throat finish. It was a little strange and lasted a little too long after drinking. I don’t prefer it for sipping, but I think it would go well in the homemade lemonade margaritas. And look at that, we re back where we started. I’ll definitely keep you posted on how well the new tequila works in the fresh margarita. In the meantime, you can go to my Instagram and check out my little brunch video here, or you can join me next time for something equally cool that probably wont involve tequila…I think.

Either way, take care and see you on the next post,

Hugs and thangs,

Mrs. K





  1. A refreshing post. Those pancakes look super yummy 😬


    1. Thanks darlin!!


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