What I Wore Wednesday

Wardrobe Wednesday

So I wear clothes. I know, hard to believe right? LOL

But I actually do. And when I do, I actually like to look good, doesn’t everybody?

Now I have to admit, that for me, its a delicate balance. On the one hand, I have to consider size, I am not a small lady, but I am not necessarily large either and I have to consider age because I want to dress very chic and on trend without looking like I am trying too hard.


I also have the unique gift of being somewhat petite, with long legs, a short torso, ample buttocks, and boobs, and a bit of a hip area. So there are curves everywhere in a very small amount of space. Even when I was very thin, dressing my body was a challenge because of the long legs and the larger butt, which I have always had. Short skirts and dresses are always shorter on me, and anything form fitting on me will inevitably accentuate my behind or my belly even when it is nearly flat.

So honey, dressing this body is a challenge to say the least. And I figure, if I am challenged, some of you petite curvy ladies, or ill proportioned curvy ladies, or ladies with short bodies and long legs, like myself are probably challenged as well. And if you have broad shoulders, you may want to pay attention too.image

Learning what looks good on us, what enhances the things that we want to enhance and what hides the things that we don’t want to see is the task at hand. Here are a few Summer looks that I wore in the past few weeks. I hope you find them interesting and that they will give you some fashion inspiration. Curvy, short, girls (over 40) can look good too.






Outfit #1

  • Peplum Top: Target
  • Short shorts: Charlotte Russe
  • Shoes: Tory Burch

Outfit #2

  • Romper: Target

Outfit #3

  • Maxi dress: Marshall’s

Outfit #4

  • Red Pendleton, White Tank, Chambray Shorts: Target
  • Shoes: Converse

Outfit #5

  • Bottoms: Gap Boyfriend Jeans
  • Shoes: Converse

Outfit #6

  • Off the Shoulder Top: New York and Co
  • Bottoms: American Eagle Skinny Jeans
  • Sandals: Tommy Hilfiger

Thanks so much for stopping by. Join me most Wednesdays for other “What I Wore” or “Wardrobe Wednesday” posts and leave me a comment and let me know what you think about these outfits.

Until next time,

Kisses from the Misses!!

Love y’all

Mrs. K


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