Popsugar Box, Cookie Flavored Popcorn, and Getting My Life

Some days I just don’t feel like it.

It’s like living a week of Mondays.

Today is Tuesday-Monday…or is it Monday-Tuesday?

Who knows?

On my Instagram, I post daily affirmations. They really are my touchstones.

Affirmations like,

“As long as I have peace of mind, I have everything that I need.”

My Instagram

And I really believe them. But sometimes trying to commit to a life of simplicity and positivity, can be really complex and crappy.

(See what I did up there?)

I am definitely trying to simplify and organize my life, yet this week has left me more confused and overwhelmed than anything.

But it still must get done. I still have to “get my life”.

So what do I do when I am overwhelmed?

Take a personal day?


Eat the cookie flavored popcorn that came in my Popsugar Must Have Box while watching cooking documentaries on TV all day?

Confession: I did that yesterday!

Speaking of the Popsugar must have boxes. They are totally fabulous, but I often wonder who they are meant for. Every time I open one I feel as though they were meant for one of those bloggers who has her shit together, who works with brands and posts all these glossy lifestyle pics and travel pics, and chic view from the top room service IG pics from some awesome hotel room bed, complete with down comforters and fluffy bathrobes. Aside from the snacks, I don’t know when I will ever use the really cute blowup drink holder that’s meant for lounging around in the pool. I never go to the community pool in my regular old suburban subdivision. Its like Soccer Mom and SUV Heaven, without the heaven part. Oh the looks I would get. Maybe I can be the eccentric middle aged neighbor. I can don a floppy hat, elbow length gloves with my 50s inspired bathing suit, and sip gin out of a flask. I’ll be the talk of the HOA meetings.
Note the crazy eyed, deer caught in headlights pose. This is what confusion looks like. Cute makeup, but why? I’m going to the coffee shop for goodness sake. SMH The hair turned out good. Chunky Twistout, baby!! I know that it looks like I am wearing the same top in the pic from yesterday. I am not. I have several black tanks. I am wearing the same leggings though. Don’t judge me. LOL!

So today, I did a simple makeup look, left the house early, posted up in my neighborhood coffee shop, 11 miles away (another story for another time), and wrote this blog post.

And you know what, I feel better. I feel better because I actually accomplished something today. I realize that in order to organize my life, I need to get organized. It is prepping to prep. It is a sobering thought, but it is the only way that it is going to happen.

Baby steps!!

I want a beautiful blog. I want to revive and continue to grow my YouTube channel, I want to live more simply, and make my mark on the world. I want all of these things, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and Mrs. K won’t be getting her life in day either.

But at least I showed up today.

Yay for that!!

The other items in the Popsugar box in case you were interested. I really liked this month’s box. The canvas bag is cute, the sticky notes and screen cleaners will come in handy. Not sure about the blush yet. If its anything, you’ll be the first to know. The thingy on the bottom is a portable device charger that looks like lipgloss. I know I’ll get good use out of that. Man this caption is long!!


So how do you get motivated when you’re having a Monday-day? Leave me a comment.

Kisses and such,

Mrs. K






  1. I loveeeeee this. I feel this so much. Love your voice!


    1. Thank you so much!!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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