Life’s Little Happenings

So two things you need to know, the first, there was a Diner en blanc on the Lincoln Memorial last weekend that I missed. If I had known, if I had been there, even as a passerby, can you imagine the pics and video that I could have taken and posted here?

The amazing, impromptu images of that massive sea of white, inundating the national mall. It was a happening, and as an artist, I am sucker for a good happening.

A Happening noun :  (according to Merriam-Webster)

1. an event or series of events designed to evoke a spontaneous reaction to sensory, emotional, or spiritual stimuli. (usually artistic in nature)

If I had just been there, in that place, at that time, whether by design or by happenstance, just for a quick moment, it would have been epic, I’m sure. Let’s just stop for a second, and savor the blog post that never was, because I wasn’t there…hmmmm…sorry y’all.

The second thing you should know, because I did mention two, I have been watching cooking documentaries like they are the very last picture shows. I have been watching them, partially because I am trying to avoid the news. I have to, the news is really bringing me down, man. And I am also watching them because I am completely fascinated by anything remotely dealing with the preparation and service of food.

I can’t get enough of watching these chefs in their kitchens, their spaces, with their quirkiness, and their awesome, enviable talent to create the most artistic dishes out of the most mundane ingredients. It is a sight to behold, and I am hooked. I am also fascinated by the way these documentaries are filmed. Chef’s Table, for example, a series of docs chronicling several Michelin starred chefs around the world is filmed with the glossiest food shots. They are absolutely stunning visually, so much so, these shots made me want to lick my television screen.

So I know, you’re probably wondering what is my point?

I’m getting to it…I’m getting to it…

So I just finished watching Restaurant Australia where:

“Three chefs collaborate on a menu that shows off the modern culinary culture in Australia, culminating in a dining event for 250 international guests.” <–Netflix Description.

In essence, they created a happening. It was a beautiful documentary. I can only imagine how breathtaking it must have been to have this fantastic gastronomical experience on the water with a group of other really cool people.

I have decided that I need more happenings in my life. I want to see life, I want to experience life in cool and amazing ways, I want to taste life… I want… I want… I want to exhale!!! I want to exhale!!! (random BAPS reference).

I am certain that because nobody really knows me and I am pretty much a suburban housewife of sorts, most of my happenings will occur on a much smaller scale than a diner en blanc, although I do plan on experiencing many happenings on a much grander scale in my lifetime. I will Diner en blanc, even if its on my own freakin lawn. And you’re all invited.

But in reality…where I live now… my happenings will have to be commensurate with my status… and my budget. But if we’re living life, truly living life, there is no reason happenings can’t occur in our everyday lives too.

For instance, this is getting ready to happen right now.image

It is artistic, and was definitely designed to evoke a spontaneous sensory reaction…and you know what…its gonna be real good.

Let me know what happenings have occurred in your life recently down in the comments.

Until next time,

Fist bumps and high fives,

Mrs. K









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