September Skin Challenge 


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I joined a challenge on IG.

Another one.

I’ve joined challenges before. In fact, there was a time when I joined a challenge every month, sometimes two, cuz I’m ambitious like that.

I have joined photo challenges, bullet journal challenges, doodle challenges, regular planner challenges, even the 100 Happy Days Challenge.

For the record, I have completed….drumroll…zero, zilch, ) challenges.


I’m just not consistent, not disciplined, and not regimented at all.

I start off all excited and hung ho (that’s supposed to be gung ho, but autocorrect has jokes today).

I prep and everything. I buy supplies I think I might need, and I even promote the thing to my own IG followers and followers on my other social media outlets.

And usually by day 7, I have either forgotten that I was even in a challenge, can’t be bothered, or I have convinced myself that skipping a day really isn’t such a big deal, because of course I can get my groove back and finish, right?


It never happens. By the time I try to go back and post, I am already days behind. Usually, I figure out at the end of the month when its time to prep and promote the next monthly challenge, or in my case, the next 7 day monthly challenge.

Sad…just sad.

So I joined a challenge on IG this month. It’s a skin challenge. It looks promising. I am at the seven day mark, and so far it is going strong. I am not making any promises that I’ll finish, because that could possibly make me a quitter and a promise breaker. I can’t handle living with more than one label at a time.


…I am obsessed with skincare and I love taking pics and I love posting on IG, so this could be a recipe for success. And as a bonus, I thought it would be a good idea to share my first 7 days of skin products here, with you, on the blog.

Hopefully you will enjoy my picks, maybe you’ll agree with some, or discover new ones to try. Most important, maybe by sharing with you here, it will keep me honest.

Check out the slideshow above (if you haven’t already) of my first seven days in the #septemberskinchallenge.

This challenge was created by @morethanjustskin and @antiagingamber on Instagram. Check out their accounts and the challenge for inspiration too. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Alright then,

See you on the next post.

Smooches and skincare

Mrs. K


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