Simple Glamour, A More Realistic Minimalism

I am not a minimalist… I repeat, I am not a minimalist

…at least not in the way that I see most minimalists portray themselves around the internet these days.

In fact, I only use the term minimalism in the tags and categories because this post does fall under that umbrella.

I am more of a Simple Glamour-ist.

I have no idea how this pic fits, except to say that simplicity and glamour are where you find them including in a bowl of Lucky Charms…? It worked in my head.

I don’t consider myself a minimalist for four reasons:

The first, I am just not quite disciplined enough in my current life, sometimes I have clutter in my house, in my mind, in my life. I am 45, it is going to take a minute to teach this “mature” dog new tricks.

And two, which could seem redundant, but isn’t, I have hoarder tendencies.

And the third, I don’t feel the need to pare things down based on number or because of some self imposed ideal, but more because I need to make my life easier in order to maintain my sanity, because I want to live beautifully, and because after 24 years, my husband decided to give up his one chore, laundry, and now I am responsible for my own. Who does that?

And four, I love color, not that other minimalists don’t, but I will boldly use it in a heartbeat, without even a second thought.

Let’s revisit the hoarding tendencies for a minute.

I am not a hoarder, I repeat, I am not a hoarder.

When I say, “hoarder tendencies” I mean, I am kind of a collector sometimes. Mostly controlled, but not always.

I do have stacks of magazines, art supplies, cosmetics and personal care products. That is the extent of my hoard. And I am pretty confident that I’ll never buy enough of these things to fill up a whole house and end up as the subject of a Hoarders episode.

Although, can you imagine the headlines if I did?

“Woman found unconscious under 6 foot tall stack of eyelashes and contour palettes. It is believed that she was overcome by perfume sample fumes from the 12,000 magazines found on the property.”

Of course, I don’t think it would ever come to that. Still, having an excess of these things can be problematic and I am working on it.

The discipline, on the other hand, is an issue; putting things back where they belong, staying on schedule, getting things done, in general is a huge challenge.

Still, even with a lack of consistency and lots of magazines lying around, I have managed to create a little bit of simple glamour in my home.

img_6419I started with my kitchen/family room area, designing it with a very clean yet cozy aesthetic. And lots of color, but not many things (simple and glamorous…I think).

img_7574I then turned to my living room which is still a work in progress, but is developing very nicely into a very clean, yet eclectic space. I will add a couple more furniture pieces and a huge piece of artwork, but not many, if any other tchoktches (Oh, the glamour).


img_1456My bathroom and toiletry supplies also got simplified and organized. This has really made my life much easier.

I also brought balance to my closet. While my closet is filled with clothing (not necessarily minimalist), it is divided into wearable capsules and it also houses all of my clothing for the year, which actually ends up being less clothing than most people who capsule wardrobe by season may happen to have (simple).

img_8415 I have also started, emphasis on the word STARTED, working on my filming space/ dressing area. I haven’t done much, but added curtains. I thought it was worth honorably mentioning, though (the way those curtains sway in the wind…GLAMOROUS).

My next projects after the filming room and my bedroom will be the guest rooms, my craft room/ office, and the kitchen part of the kitchen…and of course my mind. And all I can say is, this is a process, perhaps a life long one. But it is a process that I plan on sharing along the way.

Join me??

Until next time,

Kisses and culling,

Mrs. K



  1. Sharni Lee

    I love how your puppy is laying half in/half out of the bed haha so cute X


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