Where is the Glamour?

Ladies, ladies, ladies…and any gents who happen to be reading.

I just need to know, seriously, what have we done with glamour?

Where is it? What happened to it? Why does it seem to have been thrown out with the bathwater?

I guess what I’m asking is, why have we become a world of slobs?

It’s true.

I see more satin bonnets, pajamas, sad unmade-up faces, and house shoes out in the world than anybody should see in a lifetime. And even when people do make an attempt to look somewhat decent, it is a half-assed attempt at best.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that we all need to come out of the house beauty pageant ready, but can we go back to the days where we made it look like we tried, at least?

So I know that my perspective may be somewhat skewed. I grew up with a mother who was camera ready by 5 am every day. She was so invested in how she presented herself to the world, she wouldn’t leave the house without a full face of makeup and her hair neat and tidy. My dad could count the times one hand in the 29 years of their marriage that he saw her sans makeup and an acceptable coif.

She embodied class, style, and ladylike poise. More importantly, she gave a damn.

Now, of course, it is 2016, so before y’all get your men’s-underwear-as-shorts in a bunch, I do understand that times have changed, that not every woman wears makeup and that comfort is very important out here in these streets.

BUT, there will never be a time (aside from an emergency) where it is acceptable to wear sleepwear (unstylishly), have unkempt hair, or the remnants of last night’s slumber all over your face, beyond your front door. If this is you, I am saying in no uncertain terms, girl get yo life!!

Make an effort, if not for the sake of the neighbors, the baristas, and other people who have to see you, do it for yourself. You owe to yourself to always try to present the best possible you to the world.

Because what always happens? That one time you decide to go out looking crazy, you run into somebody. And if you don’t care about possibly running into somebody, you need to glam up and now so you can meet somebody who you would care about running into.

Oh, its too much work? It takes too much time?

In the words of Uncle Joe (our vice president), “That’s a bunch of malarkey!”

I get that not everyone has time nor the money to call in the glam squad to make us frog hair fine every morning. I certainly don’t. But that’s okay, cuz you don’t need all of that. All you need is a few glamour hacks that will have you out of the house fabulous in no time flat.

Check back for my next post, part two in this glamour series for easy Glamour Hacks. Coming Soon.

In the meantime,

Air kisses and perfume clouds,

Mrs. K


One Comment

  1. […] if you read part 1 in my glamour series, Where is the Glamour? then you are already aware of that I feel we are just not glamorous […]


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