3 Easy Ways To Be More Glamorous Today

So if you read part 1 in my glamour series then you are already aware of the fact that I feel that we are just not glamorous enough…in my opinion, of course. :).

I certainly believe that if glamour is not your thing, you should definitely do you. But for those who really want to step up their game. Here are few quick glamour hacks, tips, or ideas that will help you be public ready on the go.

So let’s get started.




I have never quite understood the whole idea of leaving the house with unkempt hair. There are just too many hats, ponytail holders, bobby pins etc., out there for anyone to look crazy in the head while going out. It just isn’t necessary. If all else fails, cover it up. However, in saying that, under no circumstances should your covering be a sleep bonnet. Seriously!

No Satin Bonnets Outside Ever!! Unless its diamond encrusted or has a brooch attached to it, it is not a hat. Satin sleep bonnets just do not belong outside. It is tacky tacky tacky tacky. Did I mention that satin bonnets worn outside are tacky? Some scarves aren’t any better. Sorry ladies, but I call it like I see it. And while I think the tacky bonnet is no no, I do understand the need to preserve a hairstyle. Here are a couple of tips that will help us look pulled together and less tacky when we leave the house.


  • Find beautiful accessories, scarves, head wraps, hats, or even sweaters with hoods to wear if you have to run out quickly and you don’ have time to style your hair or you aren’t ready to release a style that you are preserving. If you can’t afford to buy scarves, making them is also an option.
  • Rollers are also a no-no in public for any lady interested in being glamorous. But maybe you have a wedding or other formal function to attend and your wet set is not dry. I get it, I have been there. My mother had an amazing solution to this problem. She was a genius, like that. The front of your hair is always the first part of your hair to dry. If my mother had to leave the house with rollers, she would take out just the front or bangs and style them, then she would take that beautiful scarf and cover the rest of the rollers. She would also make sure she had a fully made up face. I always found this look to be absolutely beautiful. This can also be done if your hair is wrapped or twisted. Most of us can’t pull off the wrapped hair look with no scarf like Rihanna did at the American Music Awards a couple of years ago. So glad that trend didn’t catch on. Wrapped hair is just like roller set hair. Cover it up when you go out, unless you want to look like you didn’t finish getting dressed.



Of course, going makeup free is always an option. If you happen to be someone with perfect skin, bright eyes, and uber confidence, I say go for it.

Now if you read the previous blog post, you know that I had a mother who was beautiful, but it never stopped her from getting up at the crack of dawn to beat that face before my Dad woke up. She wouldn’t go beyond her front door unless she was in full drag, honey. Of course, that is a bit much for most people, but she lived during an era when your face was your calling card and as a woman, how you look really mattered. I think to a certain extent, it still matters how we look and without getting all feminist and political, it pays to take the time to at least look pulled together. Especially if we run the risk of seeing that ex and his new girl, someone from work, or insert celebrity crush here _________.

(Mine is Usher…IJS).

…because, seriously, you know that kind of thing always happens when you throw on your baggiest sweats, aren’t wearing your good bra, and you have that big dairy pimple right above your lip.

A variation on my uniform. Black leggings, a black top, black flats, black bag, and a cashmere hooded sweater. The perfect “running out of the house outfit.”


  • Always, always be diligent about skincare. This is actually a preventative measure. This will go a long way in making your face public ready all the time.
  • Invest in those cute glowy face products that are great for running out of the house or hanging around the house on the weekend. A CC cream, or airbrushing primer.
  • You can always go for a no makeup, makeup look
  • You already have great skin, but you still feel as if you look tired, dead, or angry when you don’t glam up? NO problem, lashes and gloss are your friends. I have seen ladies do this and I am always in awe. I couldn’t get away with it personally because it would take me forever to apply the lashes and I’d probably end up gluing my eyes shut. I am faux eyelash impaired and lack the coordination. There are some things that some people just aren’t good at; for me its eyelashes.
  • You can also slay like you never “slayed” before. I opt for a more natural, no makeup, makeup look on most days. But some days,  I wear all the makeup things and it makes me feel like everything.
  • Don’t forget those sunglasses, they are instant glamorizers.



…and sunnies…my instant glamourizers

They call them house shoes for a reason.THEY BELONG IN THE HOUSE! (I promise, I’m not yelling…just emphasizing). Oh, you call yours slippers, okay, so they’re not shoes is what you’re saying? Pajamas, house shoes, ratty sweats that are really pajamas because you slept in them the night before all look really disheveled and slouchy. Please ladies, no! Stop this! We can do so much better.


  • Invest in  “Running out of the house” wear. You really only need 3 items for this to work. A pair of shoes, a jacket or coat, and a pair of leggings, jeans, or a skirt. These are items that you will throw on whenever you need to run out of the house. A sweater is also a great addition. This is your uniform.
  • Keep a duster or trench coat, something longer, preferably belted, in your car during the Fall/Winter months, and a light sweater or jacket when it’s warmer. You don’t know how many times these have come in handy when I needed to glam up or freshen up an outfit.

So that’s the least you need to know. You can always take this up or down, add or subtract. It is totally up to you. These are just suggestions. The most important thing here is to be the best you can be in public, and private really, but especially in public. I know that some will say that this is too much work, and that’s okay. Glamorous living is not for everyone, even simple glamour. I get it. But for those of you who are looking to pull your style together and step things up, I really hope this helps. If for nothing else, do it for you. I can honestly say, when you look good, you feel good. You deserve it and everyone else should see it.

With that said, I’ll see you on the next post. Until then, I leave you with,

contoured kisses and perfectly coiffed hugs, (what does that even mean)?

Mrs. K



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    “To be the best you can.” Awesome! Nice blog!


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