Monday Confessions: I Am Now That Girl

This past weekend I did something that I never thought I’d do. I didn’t want to do. I didn’t even believe (at one time) anyone should do.

My how we change our minds.
I bought that moisturizer, you know the one, the one from the sea? Yes, that one. I closed my eyes, while the lady inserted my card (because I have that annoying chip now) and When I opened them up, she was handing me the green bag, complete with my moisturizer, samples and even a handy makeup travel bag, a gift with purchase. And off I went, on my merry way.
I’m not ever one to judge another. I think people should buy what they want. They should do what makes them happy. But I have always been someone who has had a hard time making expensive purchases. I believed that in most cases, that you can always find something just as good for a cheaper price, most products aren’t worth the money, you’re just paying for the name. And most of the time, those things are all true. But after trying and comparing what these products could actually do as opposed to what I had been using, testing, researching, actually trying them, I was sold. I was both excited and a little sad. I have become “that girl” there may be no looking back.
As you can see above, I truly believed these purchases had to be justified. Who am I kidding, I still do. But I also made a decision last year, that I would buy, fewer, better things; skincare was definitely on the list. I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of Glossybox and that La Prarie, limited edition box  they sent out a while back. Those products were so luxurious, so pampering, and they did me so right; the addiction was born. I just had to try more. It’s hard to go back when you have experienced something better that actually yields results.
I remember those days when I used to go clothing shopping and come back with tons of cute, trendy cheap clothes. I always believed that it made sense to have more for my money. Of course, then I would proceed to wear the same 5 outfits over and over again. Most of the clothes would end up not being worn because I wasn’t crazy about them, or they fell apart in the wash , or the trend was over before I got a chance to wear them.
Now I shop more selectively, and less, because I don’t really like shopping. I have fewer, more wearable, better quality clothes and I am continuing to cull my wardrobe regularly. It has been wonderful.  Now that I am doing the same with my skin, hair, and body care, I expect similar results. So in the end, this exorbitant purchase could be a good thing. Can you see my that I am still conflicted? SMH!!
Of course, I’ll always try new things and sample what’s good, because I am your guinea pig and I love finding great products in all price ranges to share here.
But I must have my holy grail products in my everyday life, whether t

hey are inexpensive, like my favorite L.A. Girl Concealer ($2.99). Or they are so expensive you have to budget for 6 months, like…say… the whole La Mer line? *GASP* I just purchased the moisturizer gel this time though. I haven’t gone all high end luxury beauty yet, although someday I just might. There are plenty of good products out there that don’t break the bank. I say, let’s explore together.
The most important thing I have learned from this, we are talking about our faces, our skin, what the world sees when they look at us. We owe it to ourselves to use the best possible products, ingredients, and science that we can afford on those faces. For some, that may be a basic drugstore cleanser and for others it may be something more costly. The point is, do what works best for you and don’t be afraid to change what isn’t working because of what people may say.

As women, and some guys too, we owe it to ourselves to be who we want to be. Never let antibody (that’s supposed to be anybody, but…you know…autocorrect…I left it because I liked the way it looked and I know you are saying it like that in your head now with attitude…lol) tell you any different or make you feel guilty for making choices they don’t think you should make. It’s your life, chica,  live it.
And on that note, thanks for stopping by.
See you on the next post.
Drugstore hugs and high end beauty kisses!

Mrs. K

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