Monday Confessions: The Election Struggles Are Real

I didn’t really want to talk about this here because I prefer to keep things light and refreshing here on the Mrs K Blog.

But, sometimes you have to let stuff out.

So here goes.

It’s the first Monday after the election and I have a confession.
I believe that a large number of people in this country right now are selfish, petty, and stubborn as F!!!

And before you think you’re exempt. This behavior is coming from both sides.

I’m not talking about peaceful protestors who are genuinely afraid that their way of life is getting ready to change.

But I am talking about the idiots who insist on looting, rioting, and tearing things up.


I’m not talking about the people who are genuinely happy that their candidate won because they genuinely believe that in spite of all of his inciting rhetoric, (and yes it did happen in real time so stop saying that it didn’t) he can really bring about the change that they desire.

But I am talking about the petty jerks who feel emboldened to hurt people of other races and those who do not understand that over half of the country is devastated.

You people are being petty…
You’re Petty Labelles, Petty Kruegers, Ben and Pettys. Seriously, stop being extra and stop pretending that the other side doesn’t have a valid grievance.

Seriously to both sides of this horrible predicament, stop being selfish and start being patriotic. Remember that thing? Patriotism?

What happened to wanting to be a country that showed the rest of the world how a democracy truly works?

What happened to wanting the best for the most people,
because that is what democracy is?

And why is it so hard to love your neighbor and want the best for them, even if you’re different?

Why do some people believe that a leg up for one person, is a smush in the face to another?

There are enough resources to go around.

But some don’t want to move beyond their comfort zone. Even though, all of us should move beyond our comfort zone sometimes. It is called growth. Staying the same or going backward is paralyzing and insane.

If you really feel forgotten and you elected a leader in the hopes that he would do stuff for you to make you FEEL better, in spite of how it hurts others, how is that not the same as the handouts that you claim the other side is always begging for? Admit it, you want a handout too; just a different kind. Its all handouts.

On the flip side, if you feel that the whole idea of making America great again means setting us back to a time when it was only great for a certain group, did you exercise your right to vote and are you making use of every single opportunity that you have to ensure we never go back to times when many people in this country weren’t just forgotten, they were deliberately oppressed?

We all have a duty here. First and foremost our duty is to listen and try to understand each other.

I’m selfish! I admit it. But I love my country too.

I was taught that we were a melting pot, and that was what was great about America.
I want my neighbors and their children to be healthy. I want all of us to prosper. I want people to love each other and smile again. I want you to know that I am not your enemy and I want you to know that you are not mine.

I’m selfish because I want to live in a country where we respect each other and get along. AND I WANT IT NOW!!!

I want you to know that I’m not trying to take anything away from you and I want to believe that you are not trying to take anything from me.
But the vitriol right now is at an all time high. The hatred is glaring.
And we are all to blame because everyone wants to be right and nobody wants to admit that at the end of the day, we are all simply afraid. I know I am, I can admit it. I actually carry the pepper spray now; it’s no longer in the drawer. And I am considering a firearm. I have never felt this way in my adult life.

So what do we do?

I know that I will pray.

I will pray for my safety and yours.

I will pray that we can all take a look at self and figure out what we each can do better.

There will always be those who want to hurt others and destroy, but I have to believe they are the exception.

Love is the rule!

Until next time,
Tight squeezes and kisses to all of you!
Mrs. k



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