Belif True Aqua Bomb Review


My Thoughts

This product changed my view of moisturizers. I have become a fan of gel creams. I am definitely a combo girl. I’m a little bit oily, a little bit dry, a little bit country, a little bit rap. This type of moisturizer is perfect for all of that.

I have been using the Aqua Bomb for about two months. First, a sample, then a whole full sized jar, and then a repurchase. My daughter also likes this.

How I Use It

I find it ideal to use after exfoliation treatments, in the evening or both evening and daytime in the Summer.

The Good

It seals in moisture, leaves most of my skin really soft. The cooling sensation calms my skin after any harsh treatment. There is a mild plumping effect and I love the scent. I also love that it doesn’t irritate my eyes (my eyes are product magnets, everything travels from my cheeks to my eye area). It doesn’t cause or irritate breakouts.

The Meh

It does contain alcohol, which I am normally okay with, however, it doesn’t do much for the highest points on my very dry cheekbones. As it gets colder and the heaters come on, I find that I am reaching for additional moisture for this area from other products, mainly eye cream or I end up mixing it into an oil. This is not the end of the world, but not necessarily ideal either. I also find that it doesn’t play well with my vitamin C serum. Not sure if it is the serum or the moisturizer. The serum works well with other moisturizers, so chances are, something in the Belif dislikes something in the serum. I have simply stopped using the two together.


I love it as a lightweight, Summer moisturizer. I have repurchased and would again, because I like the price and how good it feels. I also like that it retains the moisture over the majority of my face. A little goes a long way, in fact, if you use too much, you’ll end up slightly sticky. I must also say that on the flipside, I would also replace this with something without alcohol and that plays well with my other products.

I give the Belif True Aqua Bomb 4.5 lippies. I only took off half a lippy, because it is a solid moisturizer for my needs, actually does what it says it does, and I would repurchase when I finish my current jar.



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