Denim and Lace On Trend for A/W 2016

One of the trends that I am loving for Fall right now is the real resurgence of lace. I have always been a lace kind of girl, but it has not always been the most fashion forward of trends.

Let’s be real, depending on the outfit, you can end up looking more like granny’s tablecloth and matching curtains or am 80s country and western throwback, than an on trend fashion diva.


But many of the new lace pieces are not only extremely wearable without being precious, but paired with denim or leather they can look very chic and even edgy.

Lace is also very forgiving for those of us with more curves. Timeless quality meets function.






I am loving the juxtaposition of textures, as well as, the idea of taking a type of fabric that has always been seen as ultra feminine or formal and combining it with pieces that are more rugged, masculine, and casual.




img_5965 I really believe these types of wardrobe pairings work best with intricately textured lace designs, especially delicate scalloping, and floral thread work.


Don’t hesitate to take a fabric or design and make it your own by pairing it with the unexpected. Of course, this isn’t a new idea, but sometimes we need to be reminded that the only limitations that we have when it comes to fashion are often the ones we put on ourselves. Stretch your imagination and your wardrobe with this one simple idea.

Lace Top:
Boyfriend Jeans:
Ballet flats:

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Until next time,

Blue denim hugs and black lace kisses,

Mrs. K


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