Day after Thanksgiving Confessions 

So I had a really good Thanksgiving. The food, which I always cook every Thanksgiving, turned out really, really, really good, if I do say so myself. baconbeans.jpgI added one new dish to my Thanksgiving menu, green beans wrapped in bacon with brown sugar and butter. They were so good. Vegetables should always taste like that.

I have to add that we had a 95% gluten-free Thanksgiving, which I guess is the real confession here, because I don’t think my son realized it. He thinks the whole gluten free thing is BS. But, I guarantee that he won’t have stomach issues today when he is eating leftovers. I made gluten free versions of all of his favorites. He ate it and didn’t complain. Truthfully, aside from minor texture issues, you really cannot tell the difference.
The only thing that wasn’t gluten free in this meal, was the piecrust on the cheesecake, which I’m pretty sure he didn’t eat, and the store-bought lemon cake that I purchased to fill in the desserts. But the two sweet potato pies that I baked, both had gluten-free crusts, the macaroni and cheese, and cornbread dressing were also gluten-free. I can do a separate recipe post if anyone is interested. Those of us in the family who don’t process gluten well, have much more settled tummies today. 🙂

My nephew and a friend of his came by, and my son also brought his girlfriend, who is a ray of sunshine and very funny. family.jpgWe had mimosas with the meal, which is something we’ve never done before. I don’t know why we never have, it makes so much sense. Mimosas are like the best, most refreshing drink that you can have with pretty much any meal. They will definitely be a regular part of our Thanksgiving meals in the future.

I didn’t post on Instagram yesterday which was on purpose because I really wanted to spend time with family, but as a blogger, I felt kind of guilty. Instagram helps so much with building my brand and business. And I lose like 10 IGers every day that I don’t post. But on the other hand, family is very important to me. And while I felt as though I should have said  “Happy Thanksgiving” or something,  I did cook all day on Wednesday,Wednesday night,  Thursday morning, and hosted on Turkey Day. My brain was really too fried to craft any kind of coherent post. Ahh, perhaps, I am being too hard on myself, so I’ll stop rambling here.

After dinner, while the football fans watched the game upstairs, the rest of us went downstairs to the basement to watch the HBO show, Insecure, with Issa Rae from The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl fame. It really just warms my heart to see someone from the Youtube and blogging world make it to the mainstream. It is some sort of satisfying validation. So much is possible if you just believe. Is that the Prince of Egypt theme song I hear? Seriously, though, this is a really good series. It is different because it shows a perspective that is not often seen in the media and very smartly written. I watched about four episodes of the seven and I’ll be finishing it up this weekend. It has also been renewed for a second season. SWEETNESS!!!

I also woke up this morning to the unfortunate news that we lost Florence Henderson. I loved her in Brady Bunch, but I have a personal story about her that made me love her even more. I used to work at a movie theater in Marina del Rey; one of the first to have a cafe before Starbucks was a big thing. So I have to say that I was quite possibly the worst barista ever. I just could not figure out how to work that damned Espresso machine. I was 18 and right out of high school and somehow on opening night of a big movie, when the theater was really crowded, I found myself alone in the cafe with a long line of shi-shi poo poo industry people who wanted their espressos, cafe au laits and  cappuccinos ASAP!!!

The café was packed and I was not working well alone, people were rude and I was getting flustered. A very kind and very gracious Florence Henderson noticed that things were not going so well and reassured me that I was doing okay and that everything would be fine. I made it through the shift and by the next week I was moved to the box, selling tickets where I clearly belonged. She was right, it was a rough night, but it did all work out in the end. I will always remember that she was just a very kind lady. A lot of the times we think celebrities are not human or not real, but I honestly believe that they are really just “regular” people with high profile jobs. It is so strange, she was just on Dancing With The Stars, visiting Maureen McCormick (Marcia), giving her encouraging words. She seemed so proud of her television daughter. She will be missed. May she rest in eternal peace.

gg.jpgSo it’s the Friday after Thanksgiving. And today, the biggest thing I am doing is watching The Gilmore Girls, and I am so excited. Its a perfect day for it too, because it’s kind of cold and kind of overcast and cloudy and it seems like a hot chocolate, spaghetti, pizza, Oreo cookie, turkey and dressing, sweet potato pie, soda and ice cream kind of day. You will only get that last part if you actually watched the original show. But remember, I’m gluten-free, so I can’t eat most of the stuff that I listed. But definitely  hot chocolate, or mimosas, fuzzy socks and popcorn on the couch. chellie It’s the perfect way to recover from the hard work of making all that food and playing hostess with the mostest.

And the coolest part, I am binge watching with my daughter, the one whose middle name is my first name (another Gilmore Girls reference…sort of).

Once I am done with My Girls and eating leftovers, I plan on catching a movie tomorrow. Anyway, so what are your plans for this weekend? If it includes The Gilmore Girls, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of it.

Until next time,

Sweet potato pie & Mimosa Smooches
Mrs K


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  1. I have learned the hard way not to tell people the food on my table is gluten free. if I tell them they won’t eat. If I don’t tell them they just wolf it down and and never know. 🙂 Sounds like you had a great day.


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