Monday Confessions Blogmas Day 5

So far, I have learned doing this daily blogging thing that you really have to be on your toes. One event or procrastination moment and you are behind one whole day.
The Christmas party event that I wrote about on myl ast post was all I needed to slow down my momentum and end up skipping day 4. Actually it hasn’t been skipped, it has just been combined with today. So clearly all is not lost. But this process has been eye opening, especially since I’m daily vlogging too.
Man, the pressure that we put on ourselves to achieve greatnesss!!!



In just five days of daily blogging/vlogging I have learned:
1. I have to rise early
2. Eventually I am going to have to become uber organized if I’m going to be successful.
3. I have to actually plan these posts ahead of time because if I don’t have a cohesive idea, I’ll just ramble on about nothing.
4. I better cook some really good food and buy really good Christmas gifts for my family because I am completely neglecting them.
Making the commitment to do this takes heart and dedication. But really, shouldn’t we give anything that we commit to those things.
So basically, I’m struggling and I love it.
On to some fun stuff, I had a great time at the hubby’s work Christmas Party.
We went to a local restaurant here in the DC area called 2941. Its a beautiful setting backed up against a lake. There are Koi ponds outside of the restaurant, which gives it a very unique feel. The food is amazing. I have only been there at night and when it’s cold, so I never get any photos of the outside. At some point I would love to do a full review. If you’re ever in the Falls Church area, I would definitely check it out.


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  1. Haha I am feeling exactly the same as you about daily blogging!! Great post 😀


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