Monday Confessions, the Day After Christmas

When we last spoke, I was experiencing a bit of the Christmas blues. I am happy to report that it is the Monday after Christmas and I am doing a whole lot better. I’m sure you are thinking that I am happier because I got really good gifts. And it’s true, I did get some very nice things, perfume, a cool mug, and the new Anastasia Glow Kit, which I will show later.

But that is not why I feel better. I bet you’re also thinking that if I am not feeling better because of the gifts that I received, I must be feeling better because of all the great after Christmas shopping that I must be doing today. Again, you would be wrong, although, I do plan on doing a bit of strategic shopping in the coming weeks.

No, the reason for my much better, less grinchy mood is one of the most sappy reasons of all. I got to spend a really quiet Christmas Sunday with my family. We had our traditional crab dinner, a little more low key than last year. I made potato salad, we opened our gifts and had a lovely, peaceful, NBA-filled afternoon.



Did it ever feel like Christmas, though? I can’t say that it did. It definitely doesn’t feel like Christmases past. I have been contemplating the reason for this and ultimately, I have to chalk it up to this crazy and tumultuous year that we have had. Aside from the election chaos and all of the social upheaval, so many great people have been lost, including a few near and dear to my heart, two really good friends, my uncle, and another classmate. Personal ups and downs have been plentiful and while ups are always welcomed, when life is eventful, positively or negatively,  it has a way of draining us.

So, yes, I am drained, I am a tad bit weary, I am tired and I need to recharge my battery. But in spite of these things, I also realized that I am hopeful, excited, and feeling more creative than ever before.

2016 has officially worn me out and with 5 days left, I just want to hermetically seal everything and everyone in a huge hug bubble of safety and love and hibernate until January 1, 2017.

Although this past year has seriously tried me, I have also found so much inspiration. The inspiration that I found, has given me just the push that I need to keep pressing on with my blog and my YouTube Channel, which can be a little discouraging sometimes because things grow so slowly.

Blogmas was pretty much a fail, and while I faired better with Vlogmas, I kept getting sidetracked by all of the amazingly talented people out there who are killing the game, and of course, seeing myself right along with them. Because after all, I love blogging and vlogging, and if I don’t believe in myself, who will?

And since 2015 was a particularly trying year for me as well, I pray that December 31st is Tipping Point Day and we begin to tip back toward positivity, goodness, and light.


But until then I will deliberately choose happiness, I will deliberately pray for, visualize, and believe that good will overcome, while simultaneously, giving thanks and cherishing every moment that I have with those I love. I will also take the time to listen to my body, honor my feelings, and pamper myself. I encourage you all to do the same.

So having said all of the above, after I take a couple of days to regroup, I will be back with more blogging goodness (or craziness, depending on who you ask), and I hope that you will be here too.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this little bit of cuteness.


Nobody can resist my little bundle of fur.

Hope your Christmas was awesome!

Take care of you,

Mrs. K


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