Happy All Year

So I have decided that I am no longer saying Happy New Year, because when the newness wears off, it doesn’t seem to be happy anymore. At least that is how both 2015 and 2016 were for me. Not being one to practice the definition of insanity, I have decided to do things different this year. So I have decided that I will be happy all year and every year here on out.

I am choosing happiness. Of course nobody is happy 100% of the time, but I think its safe to shoot for at least 90%.

So on to managing your expectations for the Mrs. K Blog into 2017.

There is the intention…that’s my part in this.

There is expectation…in this instance, that would be your part.
And then there is reality.
So I’ll lay out my intentions for the blog for the next year and you will of course, set your expectations accordingly.
And I pray that what I end up doing and creating here will come close to meeting those expectations.

Oh 💩 , what am I getting myself into?

BTW, I never use the crap emoji, this will be the first time ever in any type of discourse. Wow things are already changing.

New year, new me!!
Ha! I couldn’t resist.

Seriously though, my plans going forth on this lifestyle blog of mine:

So the idea is to upload at least 3 times per week
Monday confessions will stay, of course, although let’s keep our fingers crossed that tomorrow’s confession won’t be some spiel about how I have already dropped my end of the bargain.

That would just be sad.

I have a 2016 favorites post that should go up on Friday barring any UFOs. The word unforeseen, always makes me think it should just be abbreviated into UFO. Let’s just decide now that if a UFO does appear, that would definitely qualify as unforeseen circumstances and the post probably won’t be going up on that day.

So yeah, 3 posts per week, The plan for Friday is the 2016, mostly skincare and beauty favorites, but I might throw an app or a song in there as well.

Going forth, monthly edits, faves, SIL ( stuff I like) should go up on the first Friday of each month. First Friday Faves seems like a good working title, but its not etched in stone.

Also, expect a couple of posts dealing with luxury items, one in particular explains somewhat how I’m an essentialist, not to be confused with minimalist, although in my mind they are pretty much the same thing. And I’ll share a little about my very sad bag collection and hopefully you’ll help me rediscover luxury.

Of course as always there will be skincare and beauty reviews. And since my body is getting smaller and I have to purchase more clothes, expect more fashion posts as well.

That’s pretty much it.

If you’re new here and this is your first time, welcome! This blog is still fairly new as well, so you haven’t missed much. I wish I had a blog concierge that could give you a tour and catch you up, but I’m working on a limited budget.

Seriously though, is a blog concierge a thing? Maybe it should be?
If you have been here before or you visit regularly, welcome back in this new year.

Thanks for supporting the blog and for taking this journey with me.

Alright enough chit chat, you have things to do and I need to go practice writing 2017 in my planner. (Posts on that coming as well…the planner…not me writing 2017 in it).

See you on the next one.
Happy All Year
Mrs. K



  1. I must say that I really, really enjoy your writing 🙂 looking forward to reading your future posts.


    1. I do appreciate it so much. Thank you!!


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