Minimalism vs Luxury

Can a girl be a minimalist and still love luxury? Is it possible to follow luxury trends and still align oneself with the popular principles of minimalism? Is it possible to embrace the minimalist’s view of consumerism, but do it while wearing Louboutins and carrying a Chanel Double Flap? Yes? No? What if the Chanel is vintage?

Although I don’t think I have ever talked about it here, at least not in depth anyway, I am neither a minimalist nor am I an uber obsessed luxury trend follower, in fact, I can think of at least 50 things that I would rather do than shop.

But I love nice things…


And I hate clutter…

So what does that make me?

I would say I am more of an Essentialist.

I discovered this term from the book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown last year. It has been a subject that is quite fascinating to me. Without going into a lot of detail, (the book can be purchased here  if you are interested in learning more) I am gradually adopting a lifestyle of surrounding myself with that which is essential to my life. It is a very personal philosophy that I have created, using the principles of Essentialism. Rather than living, and buying, and amassing things mindlessly, I actually carefully curate the things that I surround myself with; the things that I deem essential to living MY life.

Because I am not anti-consumerism, I find this to be the perfect marriage between living with, and having luxurious things, while keeping the clutter and disorganization to a minimum.

In my opinion, the two concepts work very well in tandem with each other.

Being minimal, or in my case essential, it is important to not have so much around you that you are overwhelmed and stressed out about stuff. Having less to worry about, frees the mind to create and inherently lifts the burden of being a slave to things. Seeking to primarily surround oneself with luxury items actually goes hand in hand with minimalism when you think of it as only owning less, greater quality items or only the items that you absolutely can’t live without.


It seems that some Minimalists have made it their goal to have as little as possible, which is absolutely admirable. However, I do find that this can sometimes appear to be just as big an obsession as hoarding for some. It seems as if many are trading one obsessive behavior for another. Of course, I am not saying that all or even most minimalists are this way, but I have seen this happen.

I personally could never live without balance. Being surrounded by endless plastic bags  filled with only God knows what, and critters who don’t pay rent is not an option for me, but neither is living with a bowl, a plate, a fork, two t-shirts, a blanket and a photo of my family…because I would never see them again.

Balance is key.

The takeaway, have the nicest things possible…but don’t feel the need to have all of the things.

So, what is essential in your life?



  1. mrsruhandher4ms

    Love it! I love having my luxury items. When I started to declutter I found myself using my luxury items more. Since they are hardest things for me to let go of. Also my wardrobe is under 100 items.


    1. It does make it so much easier to really use and appreciate the good quality products that we buy when we aren’t hiding them under lots of other things. It really feels good to have control over what we have without depriving ourselves of nicer things. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. i completely agree with you. i once talked about luxury and minimalism, and for me they’re almost the same thing. when you have a luxury item, they last longer so you don’t need to keep buying and replacing the older versions. of course that not every person that is into luxury is also into minimalism, but the other way around is very common

    when i first heard about essentialism i loved it, because it’s not only about having less stuff but to own only what is useful and gives you joy. thank you for the wonderful article! ❤


    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I couldn’t agree more.

      Liked by 1 person

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