Monday Confessions: Garance and Me

Heading to see Hidden figures, an early morning show because the hubby and I are really young senior citizens, I decided to read a few pages in a new book I picked up before Christmas.

I picked up the Garance Dore book to read on the way, because I am on a perpetual search for:

Simplicity                                                                                                                                                     Style

…and most of all inspiration!


It is at least a 30-minute ride to the movie theater, so I had a chance to get in a good chunk of reading before we arrived.

Mind you, I had to contend with the radio blaring, Desiigner’s Panda and my husband exclaiming in disbelief that he actually understood all of the words.

Desiigner and Garance? Really?

I wonder if she listens to Trap Music?

I can’t imagine she does, but hey, stranger things have happened.

Is Panda Trap Music? I am so hip, not hip.

I am the 45 year old mother of a music producer, I should know these things.

Did I mention we were headed to the 10 AM movie?

Man, life can be so arbitrary sometimes.

…like the random hot flash that popped up in the midst of all of this driving and reading and Trap Music…

Or more accurately, a hot flash false alarm. That sneaky Mr. of mine turned the heated seat on in the car full blast when I wasn’t looking.

All I wanted to do was start the darn book.

From the first page, I was hooked; I knew I wold be.

Garance Dore´, who is she? To me, she’s like that impeccably dressed, completely pulled together, ethereal, effortlessly coiffed woman that double parks her Range Rover, breezes into the coffee shop, grabs her mobile ordered caffeine boost, and dashes out with a cool quickness, all lithe and breezy and unbothered.

Here…and then…not.

I have seen her around the blogosphere, admired her illustrations, heard her name uttered with reverence on social media and other creative circles. To me, she is a respected mentor of sorts, although she would have no idea.

Like me, she loved magazines when she couldn’t afford what was in them,
“Dreams on paper,” she calls them.

*Clutches book to my heart*

Like me, she had a blog and was an artist at 33. (I was 36).

Unlike me, though, she followed through. And now she is 41 and living her dream.

And I am 45 and literally starting over, from scratch, at the bottom. I am beginning again.

And you know how I feel about that?

I feel great!!!

I feel great because I am here and I still have a chance.

…and Garance and all the others who have blazed trails, save my seat because I will be sitting with you.

Today I am inspired by women. The ladies in the movie hidden figures showed us that persistence and tenacity are worth more than all of the money in the world.

I don’t gush over many women or people for that matter, but a few have inspired me to the point of near fangirldom…I promise I’m no creepy stalker, though.

In my own, small way, I have been all of those I revere at some point in my life.

Michele Obama, the devoted, wife, and mother who could do anything, but accepted the role as First Lady of our country and the ups and downs that come with that role.
I have been her as an Army wife of 24 years.

Maya Angelou the poet, performer, Commander of attention with her words.
And Meryl Streep, the iconic actress who has moved people to laughter and tears and sometimes both at the same time.

Both of these women embodied and embody respectively the talent that I believed I  possessed a bit of, and wanted so badly to display as a young girl growing up on the outskirts of Hollywood, but was discouraged because of the color of my skin.

And now Garance, a symbol of hope and inspiration for me. A woman being successful doing things that I would love to succeed at, as well.
Watching her from afar, reading her story about how she was is just a normal person and doesn’t always have it all perfectly together, simply lets me know that I can do it too.

As I write this, I am encouraged and hopeful.

Thanks Garance for sharing yourself through your wonderful book.
And thanks to all who have taken the time to read these child-like confessions and musings of a dreamer. Every word and every view of those words will push me closer and closer to living my own dreams.
It’s all good, it’s all very very good. 😊
Mrs K


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