Life is Too Short, Buy the Leather Leggings, Already

So you’re thinking that you might want to add leather leggings to your wardrobe, but you’re hesitating to take the plunge.


Maybe you think you are too curvy, maybe you think your badoncky is a little too big.



…maybe you are very thin and you think the look may be a little too trash baggy.


…maybe you are a little older and the thought of shiny pants just seems ridiculous.


If you’re thinking any of these things, banish the negative thoughts and go out and get you some-sexiness-in-a pair-of-pants, girl.

I know that once upon a time, leather pants were seen at the very least to be a questionable fashion choice and at their worst screamed disco era Solid Gold Dancer (Google it).

But today, leather pants and especially leggings, are a staple in even the chicest of wardrobes, faux or real.

I find that they are one of the most versatile pieces that I own, you can dress them up or down, use them to add a little something extra to a blah outfit, or pair them with strappy heels or boots for a sexy night out.


Also, done in black, leather leggings will accentuate even the curviest of curves without looking sloppy or jiggly; they have a way of just smoothing everything right on out.


Add an edgy bag and a nice heel and you easily have an interesting date night outfit.

Or pare things down with sneakers and a fun tote.

You may also consider adding a jacket to pull a look together.

A word of caution here, head to toe leather can be a tad bit overwhelming.

Just like with denim on denim, most leather suits or sets can come off looking rather dated, think Eddie Murphy in Raw. I have to admit, I always thought the pants made his butt look really nice, but wow, that was a whole lot of leather.

Think of using pieces with leather accents if you are considering adding a leather jacket, or leather trimmed top with leather leggings. You may also want to consider adding a knit or cotton layer underneath to break up the sea of shiny-ness.  A soft white top made of billowy, sheer or crisp cotton fabric is a great contrast to leather leggings as well (not shown here, but I am sure you can imagine it).


In this case, the old saying holds true, less is more. If you are carrying accessories, I would opt for suede or other fabric bag, same with shoes. I would even hesitate to carry a leather bag with a leather outfit. It can just be too much. It’s all about mixing touches and textures to create the perfect look.


If you’re still hesitating, you can start with leggings that have leather trim or a leather seam down the side. But if I were you, I would just do it, Nike like.

Once you find the right fit, cut, and style, the wardrobe possibilities are endless.

Besides, what’s the worst thing that could happen? You end up with a shiny cute butt, and you look super fly. Either way, I say, “winning!”

Until next time,

The Mrs.



    1. Thanks!! 🙂


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